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The Full Story

As two brothers, we created United We Are, fulfilling a shared vision  of one day  owning a successful business between us, although one that contributed to the world in positive ways. We come from humble beginnings, both from disadvantaged backgrounds, with  unique stories of our own that are driving forces behind the brand. Our disadvantaged backgrounds had us take very different routes in life; however many years later ironically brought us to the same destination: United We Are.  

Rory's Story

'I went to prison for many years, but it as in this journey I found myself. I went into prison with destructive values, beliefs, thinking, behaviours, and poor education levels, but in my weaknesses I found purpose: to learn and grow. For example, I went from not even knowing what a paragraph was to becoming a higher education student, achieving numerous qualification. It was in my new found purope to learn and grow, I found new passions that created in me new purposes. I came to value society in ways I had never before and the spectacular planet in which we inhabit.  To contribute to the world around me in positive ways become to sense to me logically, emotionally, and spiritually, as a man of God, a Christian. My journey is my driving force...'

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