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Our values are born out of personal experiences that are driving forces behind United We Are.

What is important to us?

Our Sporting Environment

Sport and fitness have been central to our personal lives, and central to the lives of the people around us we love and care for. United We Are sees value in having healthy outdoors environments, such as fields, rivers, and seas to play and train sports, exercise, and have fun on. These environments need to be safe to use and available, in order for us to reap the amazing benefits they offer us, such as good spiritual, mental, and physical health, places visions and dreams are born and grown, and places of community.

Sustainability in Business

The current state of business operations around the globe in terms of Social Responsibility is improving in various ways and at various levels, and this is a great thing. No business or person is perfect, but we understand, as people who value our environment, the need to operate a business, as best as possible, in ways that are not only less damaging, but that also contributes to the environment positively.  

Sustainability in Healthy Mind and Body 

Not only is sustainability in business important to us, but so to is working to ensure we have healthy minds and bodies.  We believe, that if we are all individually healthier inside, then the better we can treat the world around of us. 

Sustainability in Community and Purpose

We can all understand the value of community in our lives: shared common goals and visions, places of unity, companionship, belonging, growth, and symbols of identity.  Communities are places of purpose, and we all need purpose in our lives. Because of the value community and purpose has brought to our own personal lives and the people around us, United We Are values the building and holding together communities of practice, such as in sport, fitness, training, and exercise.    

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